About Us

  • Philip Weights is the founder and Managing Director of Enhanced Banking Governance GmbH in Switzerland, and Enhanced Banking Governance FZE in the U.A.E., collectively the EBG Group. Philip has 50 years international experience in the banking industry. Experienced Chief Auditor and consultant and a highly self-motivated self-starter. High profile individual dealing at the level of the Board of Directors, Audit Committee, and Risk Committee. He is well qualified, technically and professionally, in all aspects of auditing, corporate governance, risk management and regulatory compliance.
  • EBG provides a broad range of governance services to boards, audit committees and management to strengthen the corporate governance framework. EBG performs assessments of the Governance control framework by reviewing the 3 pillars of control, audit, risk and compliance, and their respective oversight committees. EBG can also assess the Governance structure by critically reviewing the structure of the Board, the Board appointed Committees, the executive management and Executive Committee and sub-committees, the Corporate Office, the Governance Manual, the Code of Conduct, and the process for defining and disseminating policies and procedures throughout the organization.